Hampton Roads Lolita Winter International Lolita Day Celebration

Hi, I know this community is no longer active, but for anyone still following I wanted to invite you to our Winter International Lolita Day celebration! we will have dinner, goody bags for everyone, raffles and an outfit contest with prizes from indie brands along with some limited edition brand-name items. I hope to see you there!

(If you don't have Facebook, but want to attend, message me here and I will come back to check my messages.)

Been awhile <3

So not sure if any of you remember me but I was Amarine2008 but for some reason have forgotten my password and my old email wouldn't let me in to reset it so HERE's the new account and hello everyone <3

Anybody home???

Is this place dead?? Cause I'm new to lolita and really want to meet some more in my area...I was so excited when I found this community, but it doesn't seem active... :/

Is there a fb group for the hampton roads area? Or is this place still active? Or what? ^^;

(no subject)

Hi! I'm visiting RVA in July and I would love to meet up or something, just to get to know the community because I am thinking about moving here!

I don't know anything about RVA other than my friends live there, but it looks really nice!

Any tips you can give me about places to eat and shop? I'm vegan, if that helps!

I would love to make friends with all of you!

x-posted to nova, because rva looks like it's in the middle.

Introduction? :3

Hi, I'm Bridget! I'm 15. I'm new to lolita >.< I live in mechanicsville, so I guess that's southern Virginia....But anyways! I don't really know what to say in an introduction...haha but yeah, hey! :3
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new-ish to lolita

HI everyone. i've lived in richmond for a couple of years and i've been cosplaying for a long time, but i've just recently gotten into lolita.  I was jealous of my best friend, who lives in baltimore and goes to lolita events often, and i wanted to be able to meet with lolitas in my area. basically i wanted to say hi, i'm here, and i would love to meet local lolitas.

Tea party anyone?

I thought it would be nice to have a tea party in May at maymont park. I was thinking May 5th or 12th. Comment if you think you might be able to go. Whomever has a good tea set could volunteer to bring one and we all could bring a snack. Also comment about any allergies or if your a vegan/vegetarian . ^^ We could also bring cameras for a photo shoot.
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