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Possible Meet-Up Places for VA Lolitas

 Hello Nova and Sova Lolitas!
I know some of you have been talking about having a meet up and wanting the community to be a little more active. I am new to the Lolita scene myself but still wanted to contribute. I did some research on possible places to go. Some of you might have already heard or been to these places so sorry for being redundant. This list is based of and was ranked from 1 to 63 by them as well. I wouldn't completely pass judgment from their ranking alone, some reviews were helpful to me in forming my opinion. I also added the distance of each place from Virginia Beach (where I live) to give an idea of how far a place might be. For some this might be a deciding factor if you do a meet or not. Once I get a wardrobe together, I won't mind car pooling. :-)  I will try to post this in both Nova and EGL. Thanks for looking! 

Please Note:
Some places are more expensive then others,
some require reservations,
some the whole group has to decide on the same menu,
some require a certain amount of people,
and some require a deposit,
some give discount for a group

The List:
Ranked #1, and 3 hours away is  
Ranked #2,  and 3 hours away is
Ranked #3, and 3 hours away is
Ranked #5, and 25 minutes away is
Ranked #6, and 9 minutes away is
Ranked #8, and 2 hours away is
Ranked #12, and 25 minutes away is
Ranked #18, and 3 hours away is
Ranked #29, and 4 hours away is  ( this is a bed and breakfast but it couldn't hurt to ask how much it cost to spend a day their)
Ranked #39, and 1 hour away is
Ranked #51, and 7 hours away is
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