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sova_lolitas is meeting at Nekocon! Where?! The Ball Jointed Doll Panel! You don't need a doll to go. ^_^ In fact, the panel might inspire you a new hobby. Plus I'm definatly bringing a lolita dressed doll! Finally! The plan is in place! We are REALLY going to have a meetup this time!

Taken Directly from Nekocon Forums here!

Ever curious about those dolls people are constantly bringing more and more to at the
local cons? Now here's a chance to check them out in person and ask that burning
questions: what is that thing? Where did you get it? Where can I find one?

~ Panel ~
What: "Beginner's Look at Asian Ball-Joint Dolls"
When: Saturday @10am - 11:30am
Where: Workshop B

~ Main Meet-up ~
What: 3rd Annual BJD Tea Party
When: Saturday (Nov. 03) 2pm til 4pm
Where: Embassy Suites Hotel- Hampton Roads (the official convention hotel) in the lobby. Doll chat & Photo op. We will provide snacks and tea at the party. If you would like to bring a snack along to share, by all means do so. Theme this year is ZOMBIE / Post-Apocalyptic.
(EDIT: you don't have to do the theme to enjoy the tea party, it's just for fun. =3)

(Mini Event during the Tea Party)
Have an outfit, wig, eyes or accessories you wish you could trade out for something different? Here's a chance to do it in person. Bring doll items, brand name and/or handmade, to the swap party portion of the meet-up.

Lolita Dinner

Also, Lady Heather of Lady Heather Fashions would like to meet up with us for dinner. She is a vendor so it has to be after the dealer's room closes. She sells lolita dresses. ^_^ We've decided for those who want to go to the dinner please meet at the fountain between 7:00 and 7:15. Hopefully we have everyone to go at 7:30. Lady Heather has a van, however just incase it would be great if someone could voulenteer to car pool.

P.S. Lady Heather has offered 20% off for sova_lolitas members!

And onto my ramblings...

I know I have my boyfriend I'll force to go to dinner. >:3 I got him an aristocrat shirt so he matches. His name is Donald. There is a group of people with me who may or maynot go to the dinner depending, but here they are so you get a heads up...

1. Suu-chan or Sue. Her user name is edgevictim. She is a member of nova_lolitas for North VA and also this community. Of course she wears lolita.
2. Suu-chan's husband... who I don't know much about.
3. Tiffany, a girl from my anime club at Major Hillard Library in Deep Creek. ( ) She sews cosplay but I don't think she's done lolita. ^_^; I don't know if she's into frills and lace.
4. Zack Don's cousin. He cosplays and that's pretty much what he does clotheswise at cons.
5. Possibly Zack's Girlfriend. O_O Nobody has told me if she is definatly going. She's shy and just got into anime recently.
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