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I’m sure by now everyone is looking for that special gift for their loved one for Christmas (or themselves.) If you haven’t quite found what you are looking for I’d like to invite you to take a look at what my website, 1 Kitai has to offer.

Currently in stock and ready to ship we have earrings http://1kitai.com/earrings.htm that would be ideal to add that extra touch to any Lolita fashion.

I can also offer next day shipping on any of the accessories featured on this page: http://1kitai.com/accessories.htm

Also ready to ship is our selection of custom tote bags http://1kitai.com/s_bag.htm

For anyone looking for more one of a kind items, including Hello Kitty headbands I have several up on my etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/1Kitai?ref=pr_shop_more

We do add things weekly to the site in different areas. Our current focus is scarves and quilts, and we’ll be expanding our Christmas section in the next few weeks.


hey guys I know I really cool vintage store in Richmond that sells really cool lolliable stuff ( I got a hand stitched lace fan there ^^). The store is called "Bygones". They have a lot of cool accessories and Lolita-like dresses,shoes,petticoats I recommend it. It's on Cary street. Here's the website.
I hope you guys find lovely items there


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Meet up at Hollywood cemetery or Maymont park?

Maybe we could meet at Hollywood cemetery. It's a wonderful place for a picnic , and for a photo-shoot. It's in Richmond for those of you who don' t know maybe we could plan for it to be in spring? ( I'm a beginner Gothic/Causal Lolita who wants some loli friends I don't care about age I look older than I am most people think im 16-18 when im 14 :P ) I just think this would be a very good and non expensive place not to mention its right in the middle of Virginia so it'll be easier for alot of us to go. or maybe for you sweet lolitas we could meet a Maymont park instead it's beautiful in the spring, great for picnics and photo-shoots with all of the pretty scenery. And all of the Lolitas who live in the Richmond area or near it could bring more of the food and things please repond
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So I'm wondering

If there are any SOVA lolis still on here? I'm interested in the style and would love to hang out or chat for advice or help to figure out if the style is for me. If not I do enjoy the style and would love to do pictures. I love photography and would love human models lol.
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(no subject)

Is anyone interested in having a meet in Charlottesville anytime soon?  Maybe go downtown and check out all the vintage shops, go to the Mudhouse for tea, or maybe some Sweet frog?  Or if anyone has any suggestions, we can do those too! 
I'm free every weekend except for the 20th I think, so maybe we can do something soon! :D

PS:  Are any  people going to the Blue Ridge Bloodfest? It looks really fun and there's a zombie walk happening! (Guro maybe? ;D)