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South Virginia Lolitas

For those who love to wear cute frills and lace!

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Gothic and Sweet Lolita Fashion Fans in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
What is Lolita: Taken directly from Avant Gauche
Please put away all your preconceptions: this Lolita has nothing to do with Nabokov and his pedophillic Humbert Humbert, nymphets or pornography. Gothic Lolita is a fashion from japan where sometime in the mid nineties fashion explosion young ladies took to dressing like Victorian Porcelain Dolls wearing cute voluminous frilly and lacey knee length dresses, frill top socks and Mary Janes the look was champion by J-pop and Visual Kei stars like Kana, Mana from Malice Mizer, Aya from Psycho-le-cemu and the author Novela Takemoto.

Gothic Lolita is still going strong in Japan where every weekend in the Harajuku district of Tokyo sweetly dressed young women congrigate to chat and giggle and have ther pictures taken by beguiled tourrists. Now mainly thanks to publications like Fruits Gothic Lolita has come to the attention of the world Outside Japan.

Gothic Lolita has many different substyles from elegant gothic lolita (egl) and elegant gothic aristocrat (ega) to sweet, country and classical lolita and even more recently the developement of boyish styles like Gothic Dandy and Oujisama. If you've always longed for a simpler more elegant and chaste world where manners matter then Gothic Lolita is for you.

Please be nice to other people and try not to use excessive language.

Post only Lolita related topics.

When posting pictures, one small image is fine, but additional images must be under a cut and large images must go under a cut.

If you want to post an advertisement to sell an item, please tell what you are selling and post all other info under a cut including all images.

Sites On Lolita
bulletLolita Handbook (An extension of egl)

bulletAvant Gauche

If you'd like to tell me about a site, e-mail it to me or reply to one of my comments in the community.
Live up North?
If you live in Northern Virginia, please check out nova_lolitas!